Cardboard Gusset HM03


Product Name : Cardboard Gusset

Product Code : HM03

Category : Cardboard Gusset

Sub Category : Cardboard Gusset

In order to prevent damage that may occur during transportation and transportation, corner protection (cardboard gusset) has provided the opportunity to protect the product and packaging in the sectors.

The purpose of use is to protect the packaged product from external factors until it reaches the consumer.
Saves space in handling and stocking
It is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.
Its use is practical. It does not create a waste of Labor and time.
It prevents damage by strengthening the housing of the product to be transported.
It protects the product against damage and crushing that may occur during the packaging process.
In the production of gusset, the desired brand and printing process are performed on request.